Latest Update 21/03/2020

St Marks Dalby now has a youtube channel! this is something that we never thought we would need to do, but for those without facebook, it is another avenue for Pastor Joel to deliver sermons to us, as well as thoughts and information, during the Covid-19 crisis, and into the future.


The link you need to the YouTube channel is


If you go to this page and bookmark the page, or put it in your favourites, you will be able to come back to it to check for updates.


The sermon for tomorrow will be up on the channel page at 9:30 tomorrow (Sunday) morning, so you can tune in then for the sermon, and some thoughts on songs etc that might be worth a look to help you in your worship.



St Marks Dalby.

Latest Update   20/03/2020

Contrary to our last message, on the basis of new information, and in line with what we feel is our duty of care, the decision has been made to suspend all worship services and church activities at St. Marks Dalby and Redeemer Macalister.


This suspension of worship will be until further notice. This will include confirmation, Sunday school and youth, as well as auxiliaries such as ladies fellowships.


The ministry of both congregations will continue, and we will do our best to get resources to you to aid you in your worship life and Christian walk.

Remote media, such as phones, emails, the church’s Facebook page and website, will be crucial in this time, so please make sure you check these often, and also continue to look out for one another.


We will let you know when we are able to meet together again in worship.

Peace, comfort and how we are adapting during COVID-19     18/03/2020


Given the escalation of the Novel COVID-19 Coronavirus, and the impacts on our daily lives, we would like to share some information, ideas and support as we face this evolving situation.

Embrace the positive – As Christians we can show calm, hope, faith, positivity and leadership. We can celebrate the mighty power of our God and remember that all things are possible through Christ who strengthens us! Even in relative solitude we can pray, praise, sing and meditate on the Word! We can use the amazing gift of technology to email, phone, facetime and skype others! Nothing is stopping us from writing old fashioned cards and letters. Let’s enjoy the blessing that a forced “slow down” or (even if it becomes a “lock down” provides us). Embrace the opportunity to spend time with your immediate family or in solitude in devotion and prayer.

Stay informed but not alarmed - As a church community, we want to make sure that we are displaying kindness, hope and love, not fear and panic. Please avoid using and sharing unverified hoax information. Instead we encourage you to rely on Govt public health sources.

Australian Govt:

Qld Govt:

There is good information on these sites in relation to hand hygiene and practical measures we can take to help avoid the spread.


Look after the vulnerable – it is important that we as a church community make sure that elderly members and/or young families in our community are able to access grocery supplies, and that their practical, emotional and spiritual needs are being met. If you are in need or know of someone in need, please advise Gayle at Church office or an elder so that we can ensure you/they are provided practical support. If cooking or shopping for someone please take extra measures in terms of hand and general hygiene as per Australian Government guidelines.


Change in worship practices – Services are still proceeding at St. Marks Dalby and Redeemer Macalister, (including Lenten Midweek services at St. Marks). However, we will not be observing Holy Communion this Sunday, and will be revising this practice on a weekly basis.

The new ban on indoor non-essential gatherings of more than 100 people WILL affect St. Marks Dalby. If you are a Dalby member who lives on the Western side of town, we would like you to please consider attending worship at Macalister at 7:30am for the time being, to take the pressure off numbers. If we cannot get some people to do this, the alternative is cancelling services at St. Marks altogether, and moving to “dispersed services of the word” where people are able to access sermons online, and worship at home.

We will also not be having Morning Tea after services for the foreseeable future. If you decide to remain after worship and talk to others, please try to observe social distancing (standing at least 1.5 metres apart and refraining from greeting each other with hand-shakes, hugs or kisses) and exercise good hygiene. If you are rostered on for reading, stewarding etc, please ensure you swap with someone if you are unwell or have been in direct contact with someone who is unwell.

Hand sanitiser will be available at the entrance to the church, and you are encouraged to use it when you come to worship.


Changes to our events -


 Holiday Fun Time has been cancelled for 2020 - but we are going to do some fun things online!

 Monday Night Cards has been cancelled until further notice

 Churches Together has been cancelled until further notice

 Youth, Sunday School and confirmation will continue (with adapted hygiene regime), unless and until we receive guidance to the contrary.

 Home Groups, ladies fellowship and other groups (Craft, KYB) need to make their own decisions on whether to go into hiatus temporarily.

In all of these decisions, the focus is on protecting those who are most vulnerable in our church family, which is those over 60 years of age, or those with depressed immunity. It is important to remember that these measures are only TEMPORARY, and that these activities will resume once the immediate threat has passed.


Stay connected with our faith community through online resources – If you need to isolate, take the opportunity to explore the wonderful resources provided on line by LCA’s Grow Ministries – the team is currently putting together some free resources for families to use – so keep an eye on their site for this. We are also working on putting free resources on St Mark’s website so keep checking back at over the next few weeks as we will be adding material you can use at home.

Look out for online sermons - Pastor Joel is also exploring the idea of providing sermons online to be available on St Mark’s website and/or via email. There are also online sermons you can read provided for lay readers posted online with the church year themes and readings available at so there is no need to feel disconnected. Of course, you can always turn directly to the Bible!


Add your family members to the St Mark’s email list – If you have a family member who does not receive St Mark's emails, or you'd like to joing our email list, please advise Gayle at Church office and we can have you added. Email may become an important way that we can quickly and easily share information for our members.

Join the St Mark’s Facebook page - this will be a place that we can update members on what’s happening and provide ideas for bible study, devotions, links to sermons and songs.

Share love, kindness and hope - as Christians, people may look to us for cues for how to handle the unknown / fear surrounding this unusual situation. Our faith does not grant us a “free ride” around troubled times, but rather the reassurance that God is with us through those times. He has always led us through in the past. He will certainly do so this time.


Don’t ignore symptoms and put others at risk – we know many members are willing to put others first and this means people tend to work through pain/illness as they don’t want to be seen as letting the team down. However, if you suspect you have symptoms, please respect the health of others and ensure you distance or isolate yourself as per health authority recommendations. You can always help by praying while keeping a safe physical distance. Please do not attend worship or any other activities if you are unwell, or are worried about the risk of infection.

Pray – the LCA has provided the following prayer suggestion:

Heavenly Father, bring healing and comfort for people around the world suffering from Coronavirus COVID-19. Speed their recovery and slow the spread of the virus. We thank you for the efforts of all those involved in treating, testing and caring for patients, and ask your protection over them as they go about their work. Give wisdom to governments around the world as they manage this outbreak. We ask for your peace when we are tempted to panic or become anxious about this disease. Help us to place our trust in you, knowing that our life is safely hidden in you and that you are the Lord of all creation. Enable us to show your love to others, sharing the hope we have in you, praying and caring for the sick and needy as best we can in the name of Christ. Amen.

Reach out

If you have any concerns, please contact Pastor Joel (4669 7061) or Gayle at the Church office (4662 2364)


God’s blessings

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