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22nd Sunday after Pentecost - 24 October 2021

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Greetings from St Mark's & Redeemer

Notices for this week


Christ Centred

Spirit Guided

Encouraging Discipleship


Witnessing to the Gospel

Service for Twenty Second Sunday after Pentecost:

  • Readings – Jeremiah 31:7-9; Hebrews 7:23-28; Mark 10:46-52;

  • Worship serviceRedeemer, MacalisterNO Worship service – 7.30am;

  • Bible Reader – Delma Weier;

  • Hymns (Mac)

  • Worship service - St Mark’s, Dalby - Worship service – 9.30am;

  • Bible Reader – Jorja Hartwig;

  • Prayer of Church – Kowald family;

  • Hymns (Dalby) – 850; 25 AT; 252 AT;

Meetings this week:

Mon 25 Oct – 500 Cards in church hall @ 7.00pm

Every Saturday - Prayer group @ 7.00am

Sun 31 Oct – Confirmation in the loft

Add your meeting or event with Gayle at the Church Office

LCA Story of the Week:

Through LCA International Mission, the community of Good Shepherd Lutheran College at Howard Springs, Northern Territory, has formed a strong partnership with Bethany Home in Malaysia. Teacher Anita Synnott says visitors to this training centre for young people with disabilities leave ‘as different people’, having ‘never seen so much of God's love in action’.

Eva’s Place:

You are invited to Eva’s Place annual fundraiser – ‘Sunset Soiree’ on Saturday 13 November at Jubri’s Hideaway. Bookings close on 3 November. More info on noticeboard.

Operation Christmas Child:

The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way to needy children around the world and together with the local church worldwide to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

It begins with a shoe box filled with gifts and can lead to gospel opportunities, discipleship opportunities, schools, water projects, health projects and the planting of new churches.

So thank you to the people who have packed boxes and also the people who have bought or made individual items for the boxes.

Another way in which you can still support Operation Christmas Child is by donating $10 to the cost of the transportation of the boxes.

Many people who pack boxes don’t include this cost so it is a great opportunity to contribute, particularly if you haven’t packed a box.

Please put your donation in an envelope marked “Christmas Boxes” and place it in the offering bag or loose cash can be placed in the donation box. Both the bag and box are on the table in the Narthex and donations can be given over the next few Sundays.

Happy Birthday this week to:

Dulcie von Pein (Mon); Murray Paschke (Mon); Joel Johnson (Fri); David Schreiber (Fri);

Baptism Anniversaries:

If we missed your birthday or baptism anniversary, please contact Gayle at St Mark's church office.

Prayers for the Week:

· For those in authority, such as Queen Elizabeth and her representatives; Prime Minister Scott Morrison and members of parliament; Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and state parliamentarians; and Mayor Paul McVeigh and local councillors; that it may not focus on itself as a ruling body but as a servant to the people

· For the Church, LCAQD; that its mission to the lost in the local community, to specific groups (eg blind, deaf, youth, elderly, disabled, young mums, sports groups), and abroad

· For the pastors Bishop John Henderson, District Bishop Mark Vainikka; Pastor Joel Pukallus and all pastors; continues to treasure and proclaim the gospel as God's life-giving good news, that it continually praises God for his greatness and mercy, and prays for all to hear this amazing message

· For the services that provide support for families, particularly women and children (government family services, shelters, immunisation clinics, CAFS)

· For the services to the physically impaired (blind, deaf, disabled)

· For all women with child, for those who can't have children, those children born early or with problems, teenage girls who are pregnant, rape victims, women who have had or who are contemplating abortion

· For those who are blind, deaf or physically disabled

Church Rosters:

Church rosters are available on the website.

Check out if you are on the roster here>>

Weekly Roster for 31 October:

Morning Tea: Joel & Jill J; Annys Croft;

Bible reader: Horrigan family;

Prayer of Church: Horrigan family;

Creative Cards: Croft;

Kids Zone: MaryAnn K {Alex K; Emily B}

Monthly Roster for October:

Church Cleaning: 5th Sun – Renner; Pukallus A

Church Grounds: Hartwig; Reichelt S;

Stewards: Bartsch; Toomey;

Welcoming: Toomey, Hensel; Pukallus I;

PA: Strand;

Power-point: Hartwig; Reichelt;

Elder: Steinhardt V; Robert B;

HC Servers: Johnson J (3, 10 & 17); Hensel J (24 & 31)

Macalister Roster for 31 October:

Church Cleaning: Nathan & Rose H; Shane & Leanne H;;

Bible reader: Trish M;

Cup of Tea (Nov): Ross & Janelle vP;

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