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Weekly Bulletin - Sunday 15th November, 2020

Greetings from St Mark's - Notices for this week


Christ Centred Spirit Guided

Encouraging Discipleship Inclusive Witnessing to the Gospel

Service for 24th Sunday after Pentecost

  • Readings – Luke 8:1-18

  • Hymns – Come now is the time to worship; Change my heart, O God; In Christ alone; Cornerstone; Dream small; Reckless love; Come as you are; O come to the altar;

  • Worship service - Redeemer, MacalisterNo service

St Mark’s, Dalby - Confirmation service

8.30am – Fletcher James, Will Elder, Ben Reichelt

10.30am – Emily Brauer, Brock Hartwig, Logan Hartwig

Meetings this week

Tues 17 – St Mark’s/Macalister elders meeting in the hall

Add your meeting or event with Gayle at the Church Office

LCA Story of the Week

The only attribute defining a ‘typical’ student in Australian Lutheran College’s Discover program is a willingness to complete theological study while engaging in a local ministry to explore God’s call. With differing home bases, the first student cohort includes women and men, young and old, and full-time and part-time students.

Mission Outreach Grant - It is with great delight, that the LCAQD Department of Mission and Ministry announces that the 2020 LLL Mission Outreach Grant has been awarded to Dalby Lutheran Congregation for their creative approach to outreach with young people in their region and to assist in making connections to the local congregation.

Budget & Elections meeting will be held on Sunday 29th November.

Reports are needed by 10 November.

Happy Birthday this week to:

Dean Frohloff, John Hensel, Ken Kleidon, Gabrielle Noller;

Baptism Anniversaries

Sarah Berlin, Leyton Jacobs, Natasha Kleidon;

If we missed your birthday or baptism anniversary, please contact Gayle at St Mark's office.

Prayers for the Week

· For those in authority, such as Queen Elizabeth and her representatives; Prime Minister Scott Morrison and members of parliament; Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and state parliamentarians; and Mayor Paul McVeigh and local councillors; that they may act wisely

· For the Church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church; that they may rightly use the talents that God has given them

· For the pastors Bishop John Henderson, District Bishop Paul Smith; Pastor Joel Pukallus: for all pastors

· For the environment, that resources may be conserved and fairly distributed

· For the just operation of banks and other financial institutions

· For agriculture, fishing, and forestry

Church Rosters

Check out if you are on the roster here>>

Weekly Roster for 22 November

Morning Tea: Noller, Peltz;

Bible reader: Toomey

Prayer of Church: Toomey

Sunday School:

Monthly Roster for November

Church Cleaning: Johnson; Pukallus

Church Grounds: Peltz K, Peltz J, Reichelt E

Stewards: Mirtschin, Funke, Spies

Welcoming: Strands

PA: Johnson

Power-point: Toomey, James

Elder: W Horrigan; V Steinhardt

HC Servers: Joel J (1, 8, & 15); Janis R (22 & 29)

Macalister Roster for 22 November

Church Cleaning: Graham & Delma W

Bible reader: Brian W

Cup of Tea (Nov): Colin & Trish M

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