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Confirmation is a Rite within the Lutheran Church whereby people have an opportunity to ‘confirm their faith’ (make a public affirmation of the faith as expressed on the day of their baptism) and to ‘be confirmed in the faith’ (to receive a blessing). 

Generally, St Mark's confirmation starts around late primary / early high school (age 12-14) and involves a Course of Instruction leading up to a confirmation service.

At St Mark's, our next confirmation class will commence in July 2023, and will be taught by a team of Pastor Joel and lay people following the Grow Ministries Confirmation program. 

Confirmation also involves instruction to obtain first communion (sometimes known as Steps to Communion). 

We also touch on the teachings of the Lutheran Church as expressed in Martin Luther’s Small Catechism.


We got the kids to write on the windows to create their own icon for each way to love God and describe how we love God through each of them. 

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