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Many hands make light work!  We are grateful to all members of our congregation who assist in various aspects of Church administration, maintenance and worship. We are always happy to receive new volunteers.  If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact Church Office. Music groups roster is coordinated by music teams. Please contact Church office to register your interest in being involved in a music team.


Below are the rosters. Every effort has been made to check for double ups and changes have been made where possible, however, if you find that you are rostered-on as a double up, or for any reason you are unable to help at your rostered time, please make your own arrangements by swapping, delegating or conscripting others to help.


Thank you for your continued service to St. Mark’s Congregation.

Church cleaning, Church grounds, Stewards, Welcoming, Pastoral Assistants, HC Servers

Morning tea, Bible reading, Prayer of the Church, PA (Sound desk), Power-point, Live Stream 

Pastoral Assistant for month, communion servers and lay servers.

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