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Need to talk? 

Life can through lots of challenges at us - in terms of relationships, grief, finances, jobs, school and study, parenting, and loss.  We know that sometimes the hardest thing is asking for help.


If you'd like to chat to someone about your faith questions or need support through personal struggles, please contact Pastor Joel. Pastor is approachable. Conversations are protected by confidentiality (and in accordance with our Safe People Safe Programs Safe Places policy. 


If you'd prefer you can send an email to our church office and we can have someone give you a call. 

Prayer Requests

If you have a private matter that you'd like someone to pray with you and/or for you, confidentially, please contact Pastor Joel directly. 

Sometimes people would like to have many others praying for them. If you would like others to pray for you, our Saturday prayer group will pray for you or your loved ones.  We can also add you to a church-wide pray chain if you wish.  We respect people's desire for privacy, so please just ask if you'd like our prayer group to pray for you in confidence and your prayer request will not be shared outside our group.


Please contact Pastor Joel or church office to be added to our prayer list. 


For counselling we can also suggest contacting Dalby Hope Centre an initiative of the Dalby Presbyterian Church. 

For 24/7 Crisis Support call Lifeline: 131114

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