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Our Grow Coaching Journey
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St Mark's is excited to be partnering with coaches from LCA's Grow Ministries team to help us grow the culture of Christian Practice that supports lifelong faith formation. 

Grow Coaching is an interactive process over two years from 2019 - 2021 where we explored opportunities for renewing the vision and vibrancy of our congregation. 

Read all about our Grow Journey in this report to St Mark's AGM (25/7/21)>> 

The focus is on creating an intergenerational ministry. We're learning about how we can implement a sustainable integrated approach to ministry with children young, people and their families. 

We joined up with the Chinchilla Ministry Area to form a 'Grow Coaching Cluster' to undertake a series of six workshops to challenge our thinking and elevate our understanding of how to weave together biblical foundations with modern thinking, research and strategies. The learning is underpinned by the ten guiding principles developed by Grow Ministries and we explore new ideas through the lens of our St Mark's Guiding Principles.

Our Grow Coaches check in with us regularly to help support, equip and encourage us to try new ideas. 

The journey involves:

  • Rethinking

  • Understanding intergenerational

  • Understanding faith at home

  • Experimenting 

  • Being missional

  • Celebrating

All members of the congregation are invited to join in at the Cluster workshops to learn more, or chat to one of St Mark's Grow Group members - Pastor Joel, John Hensel, Lois Strand, Cameron Brauer, Kirstine Brauer, April Strand, Alexandria Kruger, Megan James, Carlin Ruhle and Evan Reichelt. 

Please pray for our Grow Group and the process of learning and change. 

Read more about what Grow Coaching involves >>

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