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19th Sunday after Pentecost - 3 October 2021

Greetings from St Mark's & Redeemer

Notices for this week


Christ Centred

Spirit Guided

Encouraging Discipleship


Witnessing to the Gospel

Service for Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost:

  • Readings – Genesis2:18-24; Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12; Mark 10:2-16;

  • Worship serviceRedeemer, Macalister – Worship service – 7.30am

  • Bible Reader – Brendan Weier;

  • Hymns (Mac) – 161 AT; 172 AT; 261 AT;

  • Worship service - St Mark’s, Dalby - Worship service – 9.30am

  • Bible Reader – Strand family;

  • Prayer of Church – Strand family;

  • Hymns (Dalby) – 206; Man of sorrows; Go forth in His name;

Mon 4 Oct – 500 Cards in church hall @ 7.00pm

Tues 5 Oct – St Mark’s Women’s Fellowship @ 9.30am

Wed 6 Oct – St Mark’s TEAM meeting @ 7.30pm

Fri 8 Oct – C.H.A.O.S (youth meet)

Every Saturday - Prayer group @ 7.00am

Sun 10 Oct – Confirmation in the loft

Add your meeting or event with Gayle at the Church Office

Andrew McKinnon presents:

Jayson Gillham – internationally renowned pianist giving a recital at Dalby State High School Great Hall on Wednesday 6th October – 7pm. Tickets will be on sale at the door. Adults $35 and students $20 or can be pre purchased via


Does anyone have a motorised scooter that they are not using? It would be appreciated by Errol & Bev Ruhle at this time! If you can help, please see James Kessler.

OCC Christmas Shoeboxes:

REMINDER: The closing date for collection will be 17th October.

Nominations for 2022:

The Nominations Committee has begun preparation for the 2021 Budget and Election Meeting to be held later this year. Please take a survey form from the narthex and with prayerful consideration, please complete the form and return it to the office this week. Indicate with a ‘Yes’ roles or positions you are willing to be involved with during 2022.

All roles and positions are for 12 months only except Elders which is for 2 years.

Indicate with a ‘No’ if you have been involved in this role or position but no longer wish to continue. Use the column available to add any questions or comments.

Please also complete the survey for the Monthly and Weekly Rosters.

Thank you for attending to this matter.

God bless your considerations.

Nominations Committee:

Chris Ruhle (Elders), Mark Noller (Administration), Chris Kowald (TEAM), Glenice Kruger (Congregational Rep), Keith Peltz (Congregational Rep), Pastor Joel Pukallus

LCA Story of the Week:

There are myriad stories contained in Lutheran Archives records – stories that have impacted many lives. One such story is that of the historic 1982 handover of five land titles for the former Hermannsburg Mission lease to five Aboriginal clans. It’s the only instance in Australia of multiple titles being granted to representatives based upon their traditional custodianship.

Happy Birthday this week to:

Theo Kleidon (Sun); Desley Rose (Tues); Justine Boshammer (Wed); Leyton Jacobs (Thurs);

Baptism Anniversaries:

Callan Doecke; Brock Hartwig; Logan Hartwig; Cameron McAuliffe; Gayle Taylor; Emma Toomey; Ross Weier;

If we missed your birthday or baptism anniversary, please contact Gayle at St Mark's church office.

Prayers for the Week:

· For those in authority, such as Queen Elizabeth and her representatives; Prime Minister Scott Morrison and members of parliament; Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and state parliamentarians; and Mayor Paul McVeigh and local councillors; that they may not be driven be selfish ambition but service to the people

· For the Church, LCAQD; and the proclamation of the gospel in both word and deed and its service to the community in pre-marriage counselling, weddings, and post-marriage counselling

· For the pastors Bishop John Henderson, District Bishop Mark Vainikka; Pastor Joel Pukallus and all pastors;

· For the government's support of marriage and families

· For the government as it faces issues such as homosexuality and prostitution which affect God's plan for human sexual behaviour and the family

· For divorcees and their families, especially the children

· For children and their attitude to marriage and family as they are fed the media's ideas and ideals

Church Rosters:

Church rosters are available on the website.

Check out if you are on the roster here>>

Weekly Roster for 10 October:

Morning Tea: Glenn & Audrey F; Aimee J;

Bible reader: Kessler family;

Prayer of Church: Kessler family;

Creative Cards: Ruhle;

Kids Zone:

Monthly Roster for October:

Church Cleaning: Hartwig; Reichelt; (5th Sun – Renner; Pukallus A)

Church Grounds: Hartwig; Reichelt S;

Stewards: Bartsch; Toomey;

Welcoming: Toomey, Hensel; Pukallus I;

PA: Strand;

Power-point: Hartwig; Reichelt;

Elder: Steinhardt V; Robert B;

HC Servers: Johnson J (3, 10 & 17); Hensel J (24 & 31)

Macalister Roster for 10 October:

Church Cleaning: Ray & Gail W;

Bible reader: Ross vP;

Cup of Tea (Oct): Brian & Lynelle W;

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