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20th Sunday after Pentecost - 10 October 2021

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Greetings from St Mark's & Redeemer

Notices for this week


Christ Centred

Spirit Guided

Encouraging Discipleship


Witnessing to the Gospel

Service for Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost:

  • Readings – Amos 5:6, 7, 10-15; Hebrews 4:12-16; Mark 10:17-31;

  • Worship serviceRedeemer, Macalister – Worship service – 7.30am;

  • Bible Reader – Ross von Pein;

  • Hymns (Mac) – 377; 34 AT; 476 AT; 379;

  • Worship service - St Mark’s, Dalby - Worship service – 9.30am;

  • Bible Reader – Kessler family;

  • Prayer of Church – Kessler family;

  • Hymns (Dalby) - 206 AT; Take my life; Beneath the cross; Scandal of grace; Here is bread; 426;

Meetings this week:

Mon 11 Oct – 500 Cards in church hall @ 7.00pm

Tues 12 Oct – St Mark’s Admin meeting @ 7.30pm

Every Saturday - Prayer group @ 7.00am

Sun 17 Oct – Confirmation in the loft

Add your meeting or event with Gayle at the Church Office

LCA Story of the Week:

This week’s National Carers Week, from 10 to 16 October, is a time to recognise and celebrate the 2.65 million Australians and 430,000 New Zealanders who provide unpaid care and support to a family member or friend. Many people in our Lutheran communities are carers. so let’s give thanks to God for them and honour their work.


Does anyone have a motorised scooter that they are not using? It would be appreciated by Errol & Bev Ruhle at this time! If you can help, please see James Kessler.

Eva’s Place:

You are invited to Eva’s Place annual fundraiser – ‘Sunset Soiree’ on Saturday 13 November at Jubri’s Hideaway. Bookings close on 3 November. More info on noticeboard.

Happy Birthday this week to:

Peter Schreiber (Sun); Curt Schultz (Sun); Brooke Schreiber (Mon); Brian Weier (Wed);

Baptism Anniversaries:

Luke von Pein; Colin Heintze; Carlin Ruhle; Lois Schreiber;

If we missed your birthday or baptism anniversary, please contact Gayle at St Mark's church office.

Prayers for the Week:

· For those in authority, such as Queen Elizabeth and her representatives; Prime Minister Scott Morrison and members of parliament; Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and state parliamentarians; and Mayor Paul McVeigh and local councillors; that it may approach the support of the poor with solutions of healing and not with band-aid decisions

· For the Church, LCAQD; that it may not seek to acquire riches and assets but use the gifts that God has given for his glory and the extension of his kingdom

· For the pastors Bishop John Henderson, District Bishop Mark Vainikka; Pastor Joel Pukallus and all pastors;

· For the people of the church, that they may not seek to accumulate wealth as a form of security but seek God and the promise he gives through Christ our Lord

· For those who are unemployed, that they may find fulfilment and continue to be motivated even in the face of so many knock-backs, and for those whose work-places have uncertain futures, that they may know well in advance if there will be a closure

· For the owners of businesses that have uncertain futures

· For those trapped in the world of gambling

· For those who are homeless, whose income doesn't allow them to acquire the basics of life

Church Rosters:

Church rosters are available on the website.

Check out if you are on the roster here>>

Weekly Roster for 17 October:

Morning Tea: Matt & Glenice K; Justin T;

Bible reader: Toomey family;

Prayer of Church: Toomey family;

Creative Cards: von Pein;

Kids Zone: Elissa H; {Sarah K, Emma T}

Monthly Roster for October:

Church Cleaning: Hartwig; Reichelt; (5th Sun – Renner; Pukallus A)

Church Grounds: Hartwig; Reichelt S;

Stewards: Bartsch; Toomey;

Welcoming: Toomey, Hensel; Pukallus I;

PA: Strand;

Power-point: Hartwig; Reichelt;

Elder: Steinhardt V; Robert B;

HC Servers: Johnson J (3, 10 & 17); Hensel J (24 & 31)

Macalister Roster for 17 October:

Church Cleaning: Ray & Gail W;

Bible reader: Brian W;

Cup of Tea (Sept): Ross & Janelle vP;

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