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23rd June 2024 - Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

Together Sharing Christ’s Love


Welcome to:

Redeemer, Macalister

St Mark’s, Dalby



Liturgical Colour: Green

The Sundays after Pentecost (known as the "non-festival" season of the church year) are the Sundays in which we concentrate on the growth of the church.

They begin with Trinity Sunday, and ends with "Christ the King" Sunday, where we focus on the end times, and the second coming of our Lord Jesus.

The Gospel lessons for this season concentrate on the teaching and ministry of Jesus.  The Old Testament and Epistle lessons have a semi-continuous narrative, with the Revised Common Lectionary (which we customarily use) giving two options for the Old Testament lessons, either the stories of the Patriarchs through Genesis and Exodus, or the Prophets.

The liturgical colour for the Sundays after Pentecost (which comprises roughly half of the church year) is green, as this symbolises new life and growth.



Christ Centred                    

Spirit Guided                                   

Encouraging Discipleship


Witnessing to the Gospel

This week at Redeemer, Macalister (Yr B):

  • Readings – 1 Samuel 17:32-49; 2 Corinthians 6:1-13; Mark 4:35-41

  • Worship service – Redeemer, Macalister – Worship Service @ 3.00pm;

  • Bible Reader – Ross von Pein

  • Hymns (Mac) – I Heard the Voice of Jesus; Amazing Grace; A Mighty Fortress Is Our God; Let All Things Now Living.


This week at St Mark’s, Dalby (Yr B):

  • Readings – 1 Samuel 17:32-49; 2 Corinthians 6:1-13; Mark 4:35-41

  • Worship service - St Mark’s, Dalby – Worship Service @ 9.30am;

  • Bible Reader – Steinhardt;

  • Prayer of Church – Steinhardt;

  • Hymns (Dalby) – His Glory and My Good; Hosanna (Praise Is Raising); Be Bold Be Strong; The Servant Song; Here is Bread; Have Faith in God; Your Hand, O God, Has Guided;

  • Kids Talk & Zone – on break over School Holidays.


*Events/Meetings this week:

Mon 24th Jun – 500 Cards in Church Hall @ 7.00pm

Tues 25th Jun – Men’s Talk on Hall Deck @ 10.00am

Wed 26th Jun – Dalby Churches Together @ 6.00pm Dalby Uniting Church Hall

Every Saturday – Prayer Group @ 7.00am

Sun 30th Jun – Redeemer, Macalister – Service @ 7.30am  Alt Winter Service Times

Sun 30th Jun – St Mark’s Dalby – Service @ 9.30am – Lay Reading

Add your meeting or event at St Mark's Church Office


Nominations Committee:

The Nominations Committee are looking for 2 extra committee members - we are asking for people who aren’t already on a Committee.

Please talk to Chris Kowald if you are interested or have questions about what’s involved.


Anti Discrimination Bill

The Queensland Government have released a draft Anti Discrimination Bill, that would be the most restrictive regime in Australia for religious freedoms.  The most important thing you can do is to write to your local MP and tell them you are concerned about the bill.

***A template has been emailed out and paper copy is available.***

Christian Life Week:

There are a number of CLW and Winter Kids Camps starting next week – please include the Leaders and Campers in your prayers.  These Camps are  fantastic opportunities for Leaders and Children alike to spend time learning about God, making friends and having fun!

***We would greatly appreciate any donations towards the cost of “CLW”

- please note on your Offering or EFT – Thank You***

Dalby Churches Together:

Churches Together Dinner @ Uniting Church Hall on 26th June 2024 – 6pm for 6:30pm start – Guest Speaker is Nerilee Sowter.

Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child:

Time to start thinking about filling a shoebox again or maybe you have some items you can donate or are happy to contribute to the cost of postage?

Shoeboxes to be dropped off at 101 Pratten Street before 6th October.

ALWS Refugee Settlement Initiative:

We are currently on the scope for community groups that might be interested in walking this journey with us.  Your congregation has been identified to us by the LCAQD as a church that might be open to welcoming a refugee as part of your church mission/reach initiatives.  This refugee resettlement program would entail a small community group (of 5-10 key, time-rich people) being responsible for the refugee/refugee family feeling at home in your area.  If you are interested, please let a Member of the TEAM Committee know or St Mark’s Office. 

Happy Birthday this week to:

Paul Schreiber (Sun); Jacinta Hensel (Sun); Wayne Horrigan (Tue); Doug von Pein (Wed); August Hensel (Thu); Elijah Kavney (Thu);

Baptism Anniversaries:

Joy Toomey; Joshua Kavney;

If we missed your birthday or baptism anniversary, please contact St Mark's Church Office

Prayer Points for the Week:

  • for the church, that it may grow in faith and know that God has a plan for eternity;

  • for the environment and the stewardship of it by those in governments throughout the world and that abuses of the environment might be exposed and brought to an end;

  • for peace in confrontations between workers and employers;

  • for victims of natural disasters, especially the children and the elderly.


On The Noticeboard:

Ø 2024 St Mark’s Committee Members

Ø 2024 Rosters

Ø Stamps for Mission

Ø TEAM & Admin Minutes

Ø Anti Discrimination Bill

Ø Churches Together


Church Rosters:

Church Rosters are available on the website.  Check out if you are on the roster here>>


Weekly Roster for 30th June 2024:

Morning Tea:           Toomey, Hensel A;

Bible reader:            Pukallus;

Prayer of Church:   Pukallus;

PA (Sound):              Reichelt;

Power-point:            Pukallus I;

LIVE Stream:            Pukallus J;

LS Audio:                 Ruhle;

Kids Zone:               On Break due to School Holidays

Monthly Roster for June 2024:

Church Cleaning:               Hensel; Steinhardt;

Church Grounds:                Kucks J;

Stewards:                            Hensel J;

Welcoming:                         Hensel J;

Pastoral Assistants:            Steinhardt;

HC Servers:                        Bartsch R (2nd & 9th); Hensel E (16th, 23rd, 30th);

Macalister Roster for 30th June 2024:

Church Cleaning:     Brian & Lynelle;

Bible Reader:           Graham W;

Cup of Tea (June):  Ray & Gail


Safe Place for All

In observing Christ’s command to love one another, we’re to treat each other with respect and dignity.  In honouring people, we’re also fulfilling our responsibility under the law of the land.  The LCA is committed to implementing processes to ensure that the church is a safe place.  If anyone feels they’ve been subjected to sexual abuse and sexual harassment in any form by anyone who holds a position of trust in the church, please contact:          

Ph: 1800 644 628 (free call)                                      

Email:                Mail: PO Box 519, Marden SA 5070

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