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Sunday, 20th September, 2020

Weekly Bulletin for Sunday 20th September, 2020

Greetings from St Mark's - Notices for this week

Service for 16th Sunday after Pentecost

  • Readings - Exodus 16:2-15 - Philippians 1:21-30 - Matthew 20:1-16

  • Hymns – All Heaven Declares – Jesus, What a Beautiful Name – The Servant Song

  • Worship service – 9.30am YouTube service -

Youtube service available at:

Operation Christmas Child - Operation Christmas Child is now underway with shoe-boxes available at Church office. Please get behind this important ministry if you can and share the joy of Christmas with children in disadvantaged regions of the world. Shoe-boxes due back to the church office by 11th October. Find out more about OCC, where the help goes, how to pack your shoebox, and considerations during COVID here>>

Meetings this week

Add your meeting or event with Gayle at the Church Office

Rite of Communion

The Rite of Communion for St Mark's will be held again on the weekend of 3-4 October. As we are following a strict COVID plan, please register with Gayle in the Church Office if you'd like to attend.

LCA Story of the Week


Every week St Mark's shares a wonderful resource for families to use at home called "Faith at Home" offering devotion and activity ideas in a one-page summary - great for busy families to use. Check out Faith@Home here>>

Salvation Army need more volunteers for their family store if anyone has any time to help!!

Coffee 'n’ Craft are meeting on the hall deck on Monday 21st September commencing at 9.30am.

Budget & Elections meeting has been tentatively set for the weekend of 28th/29th Nov.

Happy Birthday this week to:

Colin Heintze, Susan Jacobs, Gayle Taylor

Baptism Anniversaries

Delma Weier, Laura Berlin, Marg McMillan, Joshua Noller

If we missed your birthday or baptism anniversary, please contact Gayle at St Mark's office.

Prayers for the Week

  • For those in authority, such as Queen Elizabeth and her representatives; Prime Minister Scott Morrison and members of parliament; Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and state parliamentarians; and Mayor Paul McVeigh and local councillors;

  • For the Church, Dalby Ministry Area; that it would receive sinners with compassion and forgiveness

  • For the pastors Bishop John Henderson, District Bishop Paul Smith; Pastor Joel Pukallus: for all pastors, that they may use God's authority to forgive sins with wisdom and compassion

  • For all Christians, that they may live lives worthy of the good news about Christ

  • For those who are envious, that they may be grateful for what God has given them

  • For those who are poor or in need, that God would provide for them and move us to help them

  • For those who fight for human rights and justice, that God would bless them

Church Rosters

Check out if you are on the roster here>>

Weekly Roster for 27 Sept

Morning Tea: K & J von Pein; Strand; Weier

Bible reader: Strand

Prayer of Church: Strand

Sunday School: Holidays

Monthly Roster for September

Church Cleaning: Kessler

Church Grounds: Jacobs; Paschke; D von Pein;

Stewards: Bartsch; Toomey

Welcoming: J & J Toomey

PA T Strand

Power-point: B Reichelt/A Strand

Elder: M Paschke;

HC Servers: J Hensel (6 & 13); T Strand (20 & 27)

Macalister Roster for 27 Sept

Church Cleaning: Colin & Trish M

Bible reader: Colin M

Cup of Tea (Sept): Ross & Janelle vP

For more information

Contact Church Office

Manse: Pastor Joel Pukallus, 22 Archibald St, Dalby, Qld, 4405

P: 4669 7061, M: 0413 375 203

Office: Gayle Taylor, Cnr Condamine & Archibald Sts, Dalby, Qld, 4405 - (PO Box 298)

P: 4662 2364 - (Hours: Tues-Fri, 9am-1pm)


Christ Centred Spirit Guided Encouraging Discipleship

Inclusive Witnessing to the Gospel

Safe Place for All

In observing Christ’s command to love one another, we’re to treat each other with respect and dignity. In honouring people, we’re also fulfilling our responsibility under the law of the land. The LCA is committed to implementing processes to ensure that the church is a safe place. If anyone feels they’ve been subjected to sexual abuse and sexual harassment in any form by anyone who holds a position of trust in the church, please contact:

Ph: 1800 644 628 (free call) Email: Mail: PO Box 519, Marden SA 5070

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